Ayla Moulder-Tyler Research Assistant Intern

Ayla Moulder-Tyler

Ayla Moulder-Tyler is a Research Assistant Intern at MAI. She is a senior undergraduate student studying Environmental Science and Public Health at Drexel University. With a background in data collection and field surveying/sampling, Ayla hopes to grow her research and data processing experience here at MAI, as well as her proposal writing skills. She aims to better the quality of life and mitigate environmental disasters in underserved communities in the Philadelphia area and beyond. Currently, Ayla works with qualitative research methods under MAI’s Senior Research Assistant, Sara Greenfield.

Ayla has historically been closely involved in a number of environmental outreach and education programs around the city, including the Natural History Museum and the Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management. She also teaches trapeze at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts. She has always been passionate about youth education and connecting individuals to the environment (natural or man-made) around them. Ayla hopes to continue this type of work at MAI within the scope of non-profit efforts and evaluations. Working with MAI, she hopes to build connections with research and city planning entities in the area while helping to analyze crucial data of various non-profits.

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