Our Style

We work alongside our partners and their clients to develop high-quality, customized evaluations that help them understand and demonstrate their results. When working with us, you can expect:


A COLLABORATIVE, CLIENT-CENTERED STYLE: We understand that our partners know more about their work than we do. Therefore, we take a co-creative approach to every project. We prioritize understanding who our clients serve, how they operate, and what their resources and capacities are. With every evaluation, we design and carry out, we work to meet our clients’ unique needs, culture, structure, and history with the ultimate goal of helping them improve their practices and demonstrate their results. 

A FIRM COMMITMENT TO SOCIAL JUSTICE, DIVERSITY, AND CULTURAL HUMILITY: MAI prioritizes culturally competent research practices and has worked in a variety of research settings. We predominantly work with organizations and funders who serve ethnically diverse populations, as well as populations that have been exposed to various degrees of risk and economic stress. MAI is known as an organization that understands and respects trauma, uses an equity lens, and values the assets of its clients and the populations with whom those clients work.  

A DIVERSE SKILL SET TO MEET OUR CLIENTS’ NEEDS: MAI has an expert evaluation staff that brings combined experience in performance management and measurement; qualitative and quantitative methods; impact; implementation; formative and outcome studies; data collection tool development; data analysis; and theory of change and logic model development. The members of our multi-disciplinary team hold degrees in various social science disciplines and possess a deep commitment to research that leads to practice improvement.