Our Expertise

MAI is a professional research and evaluation firm committed to strengthening programs based on flexible, yet rigorous, evaluation practices that help nonprofits and philanthropic organizations achieve their goals of improving people's lives. MAI generates information and conducts evaluations that support the implementation of effective programs and strategies. Collectively, we are experts in:

  • DESIGNING evaluations that are meaningful and credible. Strong program evaluations are built on designs that are aligned with the operations and culture of the target program and organization. We customize an array of methodologies and designs to meet our clients’ needs. 
  • ENGAGING with organizations and funders that serve individuals with diverse backgrounds. We are highly skilled at gathering information from populations that have been exposed to various degrees of risk and economic stress. Our substantive areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

- Youth development and mentoring;
- Education and STEM/STEAM;
- Workforce development;
- Crime and violence reduction;
- Health; and,
- Social justice and racial equity. 

  • PROVIDING organizations with technical assistance to build internal evaluation systems. We help organizations create and use evaluation methodologies that lead to data-informed decision-making and effective communication with their stakeholders by helping them codify logic models and theories of change; create and use performance management and measurement systems; and implement technology-based platforms. MAI’s goal is to leave organizations stronger than they were before—with the tools and capacities they need to carry on the work without the support of an external consultant.    
  • MAKING meaning out of the data we collect. We collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative data to tell a compelling and understandable story about a program’s implementation, outcomes, and impact.